Dust suppression

NODUST®Fs100 is a purified liquid dust suppressant for fertilizer blenders. Based on modified biopolymers, the product binds and agglomerates dust particles during the blending process. The fertilizer granules become hard and dust free, leading to higher efficiency in fertilizer blending and storage. The product also improves efficiency in colouring the fertilizer blend as pigments can simply be added to NODUST®Fs100. Next to the efficiency advantages, NODUST®Fs100 brings a substantial cost advantage in comparison with the conventional use of vegetable oils.

Granulation aid

Several StarLig products are very suitable as binding agent in granulation processes of e.g. fertilizers. Also here, the fertilizer granules become harder and dust free. The StarLig products can be added directly to the melt at the same addition rate as e.g. formaldehyde and provides anti-caking properties equal to or better than that of formaldehyde or urea-formaldehyde resins.

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