StarLig dispersants

Dyes and pigments are mostly used in the form of aqueous dispersions. Dosing a StarLig dispersing agent will allow the effective dispersed solids to be increased, making the suspension more uniform and facilitating easier application to the fibers.

The excellent dispersing and stability characteristics of Vanillex and Pearllex make these premium products very attractive choices for dyestuff dispersant and dyeing aid additives. Vanillex is an excellent primary dispersant, particularly with dyes requiring high temperature stability. Pearllex performs as an extremely effective secondary dispersant, and can be widely used for light color dyestuffs as it exhibits very low staining characteristics.

For milling and standardization StarLig NA98S can be used in combination with Vanillex or Pearllex to achieve good results at an economic cost.


LignoStar Dispersant Comments
Disperse Dyes Vanillex & Pearllex Both products are effective primary dispersants
Reactive Dyes Pearllex Low staining properties and minimal impurities.
VAT Dyes Vanillex High temperature stability and high dispersion performance.
Acid Dyes Vanillin & Pearllex Can be used in combination with StarLig NA98S where required.

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