LignoStar offers a wide range of lignin-based dispersants, processing aids, and binding agents for application in many different fields. The Premium products in the StarLig Program are specifically suited as high performance dispersants for agrochemicals, construction chemicals and dyestuff production. With specific molecular weight distributions, our products are designed to meet demanding requirements for formulating wettable powders, suspension concentrates and water dispersible granules.


  • Rheology control for dispersions and suspension concentrates
  • Maintenance of particle suspension in dilute systems
  • Binding of extruded, pan and spray-dried granules

  • Superior suspension under extra-hard water conditions
  • Binders, extrusion and suspension aids for extruded granules
  • UV protection of photosensitive actives.



VaniStar comprises modified lignosulfonate formed through the reactions of the sulfite pulp extract under alkaline conditions at high temperature and pressure to chemically treat its main component, lignosulfonate, to a high degree, followed by purification. In the  treatment, lignosulfonate, is subjected to hydrolysis, oxidation, de-sulfonation and demethylation. Therefore, VaniStar differs from conventional lignosulfonate.

The excellent dispersing effect of VaniStar is attributable to the unique proportion of  hydrophilic groups such as sulfonate, carboxyl, phenolic OH groups in relation to the hydrophobic C6 – C3  skeleton. This proportion is much different from that in conventional lignosulfonate. Since VaniStar has been treated with an alkali at high temperature, it has excellent heat-resistance compared with conventional lignosulfonate.

VaniStar can also be applied as a car battery additive, where it functions in the negative electrode of lead-acid batteries to promote the development of fine crystal sponge lead upon formation and then preserves this high surface area structure by preventing coarsening of crystals upon cycling. By doing so, VaniStar will extend the battery life cycle and improve the cold-cranking capabilities as well as reserve capacity increase.



Ultrasperse is chemically treated, refined and highly purified high molecular weight lignosulfonate. As of the high purity level of the lignin, Ultrasperse has excellent dispersion characteristics, heat stability and low humid absorption.

Ultrasperse dyestuff dispersants are recommended for Disperse, Vat, Reactive and Acid dyes.

Disperse dyes Typically offered in paste (liquid) and powder form. Classified by energy level. Usually require a primary dispersant.
Vat dyes Typically offered in paste (liquid) and powder form. VaniStar is an ideal dispersant for liquid vat dyes.
Reactive dyes Reactive dyes have traditionally been standardized with naphthalene sulfonates. Ultrasperse is popular in this application, due to its purity and low staining properties.


LignoStar dyestuff dispersants are used either alone or in blended formulations to meet the specific requirements of a customer’s operation. The choice of dispersant(s) is dyestuff and process dependent.

Primary dispersants, such as Ultrasperse and Vanistar are mainly used to enable dyeing performance at higher temperatures.

Secondary dispersants, like Ultrasperse is used for milling and standardization. Ultrasperse has a very low insolubles and calcium content and is among the least staining products in the StarLig Premium product range. Milling with dispersant combinations/blends is an effective technique to reduce production cost.