Anti-Dust Agent

NODUST Fs100 is a liquid dust suppressant for fertilizers. Based on modified biopolymers, the product binds and agglomerates dust particles during fertilizer blending and processing.

NODUST Fs100 gives higher efficiency in fertilizer blending and processing with better product quality. The product is ready-to-use and can be applied immediately at room temperature. Preheating is not required. It makes the fertilizer particles hard and dust free.

NODUST Fs100 is a cost effective alternative for conventional dust suppression with blending oil:

  • NODUST Fs100 binds dust particles in the blending process and hardens the granules. Less breakage in storage provides better long-term conservation.
  • Coating with NODUST Fs100 leads to better flow characteristics of fertilizer blends. In combination with e.g. talcum powder, this improves the anti-caking effect in fertilizer blends through a better dispersion of the additives.
  • NODUST Fs100 is also a dispersing agent for colouring agents. Adding colours to the fertilizer blend has never been so easy. A lower quantity of colour additives is needed for the same result, leading to further cost savings.

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