Easy and effective

NODUST dust suppression products offer flexibility, high product quality and cost savings to the end users. They can be applied in several sectors, ranging from agriculture to fertilizer blending.


Nodust Agri is a biological dust suppressant for the agricultural sector. The product protects young crops from wind erosion and dust-particle damages. End users can apply NODUST Agri with conventional spraying equipment, providing high flexibility. The product allows farmers to react instantly to abrupt weather changes, without having to rely on third parties.

More information is available on www.nodustagri.com or contact your LignoStar sales representative for further questions.


In the infra-structure sector, NODUST Infra also provides flexibility in dust suppression challenges. The product is biological and offers a binding solution to dust problems e.g. construction sites, highways and airports.

The product website www.nodustinfra.com provides more information about the possibilities with Nodust Infra for your application.


NODUST Fs100 is a modified and purified product that can be applied in the blending process of fertilizers. It replaces conventional blending oil and makes the fertilizer granules hard with less dust. Product quality of the fertilizers will increase due to better flow characteristics of the blend.

Please check www.nodustfs.com for specific information about the possibilities to increase efficiency and enhance product quality in your fertilizer blending process.