StarLig lignosulfonates

The StarLig Program

The StarLig Program offers the largest assortment of both liquid and powder lignin products in the world. At LignoStar, we know that the technical requirements for lignosulfonates are mostly very specific and subject to individual production schemes of industrial facilities.

Depending on your specific needs, StarLig products are available in e.g. ammonium, calcium, magnesium or sodium base. Next to standard products, LignoStar can also offer custom made lignin solutions with modified lignosulfonates. In this way, the StarLig Program can provide the best lignin solutions for individual clients on a One-stop shop basis.

StarLig lignosulfonates can be used as binders, dispersants, liquefiers or surfactants in many different industries. Contact your LignoStar sales representative for sample material and more information about the possibilities with StarLig products in your sector or explore the functional fields below;

starlig binders

starlig dispersants

starlig liquefiers

starlig surfactants